In the Butterflies Room we form a strong partnership with parents to enable us to provide the best quality, individualised, loving care, for your baby. Our experienced educators, understand the importance of a needs-based care approach, based on your home routine, for each individual infant, baby and child, in our care. Educators engage continuously with your baby throughout the day, observing the individual way your infant communicates their needs; ie: bottles, food, nappy changes, sleep and cuddles. 

The Butterflies environment is set-up to encourage sensory and explorative play experiences for infants, babies and toddlers. They learn about concepts such as number, shape, volume, floating, sinking, balance, and spacial awareness, through play with blocks, puzzles, water, sand, and age appropriate toys, in our age designated inside and outside spaces.

Consistent interactions between staff and children facilitates language development, while lying  on their backs, allows infants to explore colour, form, movement and light deliberately created on the ceiling. Tummy time, develops eye and muscle strength as well as balance, leading to exploration, as babies begin to crawl and pull themselves up on secured furniture, strategically placed around the room. Toddlers begin to immerse themselves in play, curious about their world, and showing all of the adults around them, the simplicity and joy of ‘being fully engaged’.

Through our professional and  experienced educators we open up opportunities for your child to learn, though play, discovery, mentoring, improvisation and imagination. 

We provide the opportunity to explore text through the reading of books to your child. We deliberately aim to develop a passion for books and promote a desire to read, as they grow, and move forward through the Bumble Bee’s (2-3yrs) and Ladybugs Rooms (3-5yrs) where they will benefit from our comprehensive preschool program. The outcome we aim for, is to send confident, social/emotional and cognitively capable children, to Primary school.

Kenthurst Early Education Centre adheres to the National Quality Framework (NQF), and bases our programs on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).  These well researched and documented frameworks, form the basis of Early Childhood Education and Care in Australia. These structures of learning, allows children in the early years, to learn through play and to explore and discover the world around them. This is done in a safe, caring environment, with qualified, passionate, educated teachers, who have your child’s well-being at the core of every action they take and during every moment, that your child is in our care.

The outcome we aim for, is to know that your child feels cherished, nurtured, loved and happy while they are with us at Kenthurst Early Education Centre. 

We know that when all these principles are adhered to during the Early Years Education, it develops confident children, ready to learn and discover the wider world.