Our Philosophy

KEEC Service Statement of Philosophy

Kenthurst Early Education Centre acknowledges the original custodians the Dhurag people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and cultures in our community. We aim to embed our rich indigenous history into our program and teach the children in our care about all peoples, cultures and religions that exist in our Preschool community, as well as the wider community in Australia and the world.

At Kenthurst Early Education Centre, we believe in providing children with the highest quality of care allowing each and every child to reach their fullest potential, by enhancing all areas of growth and development, in a warm, caring and home like environment that is a reflection of our children, families and our community. Our aim is to provide a loving, nurturing environment where children are recognised as bring capable and confident individuals. We are committed in providing an atmosphere where children can seek out their own challenges, direct their own learning and be guided in learning skills to thrive as confident individuals.  We support the children, in our care, to develop confidence, independence, positive self-esteem and acquire the skills necessary to facilitate a smooth, and positive transition to primary school


We recognise that families are the bridge between home and care, whilst also being children’s first and most influential teachers.  We aim to build strong and trusting relationships with families and have an open line of communication, which allows educators to provide an environment that reflects that of the home. As a centre we acknowledge and respect every family’s traditions, cultural heritage and beliefs.  Families are welcomed and encouraged to be involved within the centre to share their traditions and culture with others. 


Each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of the program and child’s documentation on learning and progress is made available to families. Every child is supported to participate in the program where each child’s agency is promoted, enabling them to make choices and decisions that influence events and their world, therefore children are active participants in their learning. Our objective is to ensure the guiding principles of the National Quality Standards (NQS) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) direct the delivery of the program. This is implemented by responding to children’s ideas and play and the use of intentional teaching to scaffold and extend each child’s learning. Educators will provide learning environments that are flexible and open ended, plan learning environments with appropriate levels of challenge, where children are encouraged to explore experiment and take appropriate risks in their learning.