Our Philosophy

KEEC Service Statement of Philosophy

Kenthurst Early Education Centre acknowledges the original custodians the Dhurag people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and cultures in our community. We aim to embed our rich indigenous history into our program and teach the children in our care about all peoples, cultures and religions that exist in our Preschool community, as well as the wider community in Australia and the world.

Our Preschool provides a safe, harmonious, caring, environmentally aware and culturally sensitive community that provides quality, stimulating, education, respect and inclusion for all people who attend this Centre. 

We follow the rules and regulations given to us by our governing bodies and embed awareness in our program and policies of all people in our community, showing respect for race, religion and culture. The foundation of our teaching and all interactions at the Centre is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework foundation, Being, Belonging and Becoming. 

We support the children, in our care, to develop confidence, independence, positive self-esteem and acquire the skills necessary to facilitate a smooth, and positive transition to primary school. Our Educators provide experiences that promote self-expression, imagination, exploration, experimentation, trial and error, critical thinking, environmental appreciation, opportunities to problem solve, practice and master skills, including pre-reading, writing, and number work, based on the learning outcomes in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our team critically reflects on all of our teachings, including physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and cognitive, intentional and experiential experiences to enrich all experiences that our children and their families are exposed to.

We form strong partnerships with parents and the community, knowing this will enrich children’s learning, allowing them to develop to their full potential as contributing members of our society. We base our program and intentional teaching, on child-based interests.

An engaged child is a result of adults listening to their needs and interests.