News & Events


7th | Centre Opens for 2019
28th | Australia Day Public Holiday (Centre Closed)


5th | Chinese New Year! Year of the Pig
14th | Valentine's Day - Dress in RED!

Books of the month:
- 'In My Heart' by Jo Witek
- 'Words and Your Heart' by Kate Jane Neal


1st | Clean up Australia Day
13th | Crazy Hair Day
21st Harmony Day

Book of the month:
- 'I'm Australian Too' by Mem Fox


17th - 28th | Native Play Week
21st Easter
25th ANZAC Day

Book of the month:
- 'Wombat Stew' by Marcia Vaughan


12th | Mothers Day
27th - 31st | Reconciliation Week

Book of the month:
- 'The Lost Girl' by Ambelin Kwayullina


5th | World Environment Day
6th | World Ocean Day

Book of the month:
- 'Have You Filled Your Bucket Yet' by Carol McCloud


15th - 19th | Pyjama Week
7th - 14th NAIDOC Week
26th | Plant a Tree Day

Book of the month:
- '10 Little' by Mike Brownlow


12th - 16th | Science Week
19th - 23rd | National Book Week

Book of the month:
- David Melling Stories


2nd | Fathers Day
6th | White Balloon Day - Child protection week
30th | Queens Birthday (Centre Closed)

Book of the month:
- 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendlack


Monday 1st | Queens Birthday (Centre Closed)
21st - 25th | Grandparents or Special Person Day
21st - 25th? | Book Fair
31st | Halloween 

Book of the month:
- Mem Fox Stories


11th | Remembrance Day

Book of the month:
- 'The Very Hungry Bear' series by Nick Bland


20th | Last day of preschool for the year

Book of the month:
- Variety of Christmas Stories
- (Lady Bugs Room) 'Starting School' by Jane Goodwin